Zorro culpeo


November 6th: Chilean Wildlife Day

In its eighth version, the Chilean Fauna Day is promoted by the Jane Goodall Institute, and its objective is to publicize and raise awareness about the importance of native species in Chile.

It is already part of the general environmental calendar. The Chilean Wildlife Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of November and its objective is to make people aware of the importance of animals, especially all chilean native species.

This 2021, the Chilean Wildlife Day is celebrated on November 6 and there are many activities on the program. Among them, talks by different NGOs and conservation foundations, stories and work of rehabilitation centers, presentations of ventures that make the native fauna known, and more activities.

To a large extent, this event and celebration contributes to more people getting to know, and thereby protecting and conserving the Chilean fauna. The more people join it, the more care there will be around the native fauna that inhabits the different ecosystems of Chile.

This year, the Chilean Wildlife Day will be broadcast on the Jane Goodall Institute’s social networks and YouTube.

Throughout all versions of this event, more than 300 organizations have participated and more than 10,000 families have attended, according to information provided by the Jane Goodall Institute.

We invite you to learn in order to conserve, and thereby protect the fauna that you will find in Estancia Bahía Esperanza and in all our natural heritage.