About Parque Bahía Esperanza

Mountain biking in Chilean Patagonia

Benjamín Bocaz is a mountain bike e-bike guide in Parque Bahía Esperanza, located in Puerto Natales, south of Chile. He started cycling as a child and mountain biking (MTB) more than seven years ago.

The ecotourist began his profession when the company Bike Tur called him to work guiding foreign tourists in different parks in Santiago, among them the RKF El Durazno, Manquehue, Las Varas, and Farellones, among others. Little by little, he developed as a guide, learning new things, and obtaining certifications and specialties.

Today he tells us about his experience in Parque Bahía Esperanza.

1- What is a day of MTB in Parque Bahía Esperanza like?

Incredible, very busy, and entertaining.

We start by sailing and crossing Canal Señoret to get to the park. Once in the park, we do a small induction, give the bicycles to the visitors, and then start pedaling to get into the Patagonian forests and fjords.

In a few minutes, we can enjoy marvelous landscapes and viewpoints, where visitors can see interpretive panels of the park’s history, geography, flora, and fauna.

We offer half and full-day modalities for all interested in taking a tour with us.

2- How are the trails and the scenery?

The trails are natural and not very impacted. There are five trails available for MTB, all with different landscapes and difficulties.

The landscapes are incredible: giant meadows, lush forests, fjords, and endless Patagonian birds and wildlife.

3- What other place would you compare the experience to?

The experience is unique, electric bicycles are very accessible to anyone. Undoubtedly the magic and peace that gives the place invite us to continue exploring for more days.

4- What bikes do you use?

Fantic Trail Electric Bicycles have a very powerful motor, capable of riding for several hours.

5- How many kilometers can be covered in the park?

More than 20 km of pure trail.

6- How steep is the slope?

In general, the park is not very steep.

7- Are there summits in the area? What are they like?

The most imposing summit is Cerro Ballena. At the top of the hill, you can get a great view of the Patagonian fjords and the local fauna (condors inhabit Cerro Ballena’s summit). This trail is for people who have done MTB before, as it is more technical than the rest of the trails of the park. It’s recommended to have some experience to go to Cerro Ballena.

8- What equipment should visitors bring to practice MTB in Parque Bahía Esperanza?

Visitors should bring gloves, knee pads, sunglasses, and sunscreen. We provide helmets and bicycles for all visitors, as well as a delicious box lunch for those who go on a full-day tour.

9- Do visitors need to know about MTB before going to the park?

Not at all, since we still give them the main tips for handling and riding the bikes.

As the guided tour progresses, the visitor learns and internalizes many concepts.

10- Any other recommendations?

Enjoy, be attentive to the trail, and listen to the recommendations we give during the experience.

It’s impressive how electric bicycles can bring more people to explore. Visitors who perhaps can’t ride bicycles at all can manage to go a long way thanks to the assistance provided by the park’s bicycles.



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