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Monumento Última Esperanza: reviving the history of ancestral lands

In honor of the pioneers, experienced navigators, Monumento Última Esperanza (Last Hope Monument) was born, represented by the bow of a 40-meter-long wooden boat that today stands on the fjords as the main viewpoint of the park. We invite you to relive the history of the place and enjoy nature at its best in this landmark of Parque Bahía Esperanza.

Parque Bahía Esperanza is located in the Chilean Patagonia, 15 minutes from downtown Puerto Natales and its access is only through navigation. This park, which is characterized by its self-guided trails and its diverse flora and fauna, was developed and is currently managed by Outlife, a company specialized in the design and development of outdoor spaces through the construction of outdoor infrastructure.

After more than three months of work, today the construction of Monumento Última Esperanza was completed, a milestone represented by the prow of a 40-meter-long wooden ship that today stands on the fjords -characteristic of Patagonia- as main viewpoint of the park.

Also, the monument alludes to the discovery of the place. On the one hand, because inside the ship there is a room with maps and photos from the time of the discovery, and on the other, because to reach it, visitors must cross channels and fjords, feeling the strong wind that received the same way the pioneers.

Thus, the architecture and construction of Monumento Última Esperanza seek to value the geography, the unique landscapes and the history of the park.

Building process

Outlife specializes in designing and building in remote places, a fact that meant a challenge for the construction of the monument, since those who worked on it had to face strong winds, rain and snowfall, Patagonian cold and more.

“The design of the viewpoint combines prefabricated laminated wood with native lenga wood, generating an assembly with new technologies that enables its rapid construction in a remote place, maintaining the identity of the local construction language. In order to create the structure, we designed small pieces to make it possible to move it along the park’s trails. Likewise, these have a shape that adapts to the terrain, such as punctual foundation screw supports, reducing their impact to the minimum possible,” comments Martín Hurtado, a member of the Outlife and monument team of architects.

Monumento Última Esperanza seeks to be a key landmark in Chilean Patagonia, inviting people to discover and delve into the history of the Última Esperanza Province, to explore like the pioneers did, who arrived in wooden boats to discover fjords and ancestral lands.

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