About Parque Bahía Esperanza

Land and sea exploration: Estancia Bahía Esperanza, December 15, 2021

We open on December 15! 10 minutes away from the center of Puerto Natales and just 5 minutes from the airport of this city, Estancia Bahía Esperanza invites you to navigate the Canal Señoret to discover ancestral lands.

We invite you to navigate the Canal Señoret and take the journey that led those who crossed these seas to discover ancestral lands, unique in Chilean Patagonia, which through its trails will take you to unparalleled landscapes that are the gateway to the Macizo Paine and the Campo de Hielo Sur.

Navigate to enter a ranch full of nature. Get to know Estancia Bahía Esperanza, a characteristic place for its self-guided trails that will take you to explore a diverse geography, made up of lush forests, wetlands, open fields, peatlands and lagoons that make you enjoy the deepest part of our ecosystem.

Navigate to explore the home of countless animals, where more than 30 species of birds stand out, and thousands of trees and flowers that will tell you about the history of the place and will make you enjoy nature in its splendor.

Navigate and arrive at the Monumento Última Esperanza, represented by the bow of a wooden boat that looks at the fjords and bays in the area, where you can relive the history of the ranch.

It is connected to the continent through the imposing Southern Patagonian Ice Field, invites you to discover it through navigation, exploring the fjords that surround it.

We are waiting for you at Estancia Bahía Esperanza, a unique place where you can live an authentic Patagonian experience, exploring land and sea.

See you on December 15, 2021!