About Parque Bahía Esperanza

Horseback riding at the end of the world

Patagonian fjords, lush forests, lagoons, and walkways are just some of the landscapes that can be glimpsed on horseback in Parque Bahía Esperanza.

This park, unique in Puerto Natales, invites visitors to go trekking, e-bike mountain biking, and horseback riding on trails that cross Patagonian fjords, forests, lagoons, and pampas in a unique environment of connection with nature.

Horses are an important part of the inhabitants that give life to the Antonio Varas Peninsula, the land that hosts the park, and is characterized by the luxury of its silence, its exceptional views, and by being home to the most diverse Magellanic flora and fauna.

“They are Creole horses, with good temperament and tame, and it is very important to move them, even when there are no rides, to keep them in shape and release energy,” says Paula Del Río, horseback riding guide and baqueana of Parque Bahía Esperanza.

Paula arrived at the park in December 2021. Her main task is to take care of the horses’ welfare, starting every day with a good mate to recharge her energy.

For this season, the horses are in optimal conditions to receive many visitors, who can choose from a variety of trails to explore the park.

“Los Fiordos and Panorámico trails have beautiful views, and Carpinteros trail has an enchanted forest; these are suitable for beginners,” says Paula about the trails that can be done on horseback in Parque Bahía Esperanza.

“El Bosque trail is the longest trail in the park, which goes through lush forests, mainly of lenga and ñirre, and the landscape and terrain change, and it is a journey for people with more experience on horseback,” adds the baqueana.

From the stables, you can also reach the Última Esperanza Monument on horseback, represented by the prow of a 40-meter-long wooden ship that today stands over the fjords as the park’s main viewpoint. To see this park landmark, you must walk along the Monumento trail, which crosses small forests and large pampas overlooking the sea, accompanied by an infinite number of rabbits that also live in this place.

There are seven trails in the park, which were designed and developed by Outlife, five of which can be done on horseback.

What to take into account when scheduling a horseback ride in Parque Bahía Esperanza?

Paula recommends “to come with warm layers and gloves for the cold days. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle. If you have one, bring a camera or cell phone to take nice pictures and, above all, be prepared for the changing weather in Patagonia!”.

Parque Bahía Esperanza is a unique place for horseback riding in Chilean Patagonia. Just 15 minutes from Puerto Natales, the park welcomes all those who want to spend time with nature and enjoy the activities.

“There are horses for different levels of experience. We use Chilean corraleros (riding equipment). We have helmets and gaiters for the riders. In addition, we start the ride with an induction and during the activity, any doubts are clarified,” says Paula, inviting visitors to enjoy a good ride at the end of the world.


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