About Parque Bahía Esperanza

Getting to know the surroundings of Parque Bahía Esperanza

This park, located just 20 minutes from Puerto Natales, invites families and friends to enjoy nature in all its splendor through walks through unique landscapes, horseback riding, or electric mountain biking.

Puerto Natales is located on the banks of the Señoret channel. From its waterfront, it is possible to observe a great mountain range belonging to the Andes Mountains Range. In it stands out, at first sight, Cerro Monumento Moore, Cerro Ballena and the imposing and majestic Balmaceda glacier perched on the mountain of the same name, located within the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park.

Puerto Natales has irregular weather conditions, allowing tourist activities that are enhanced with characteristic architecture and incredible natural landscapes. This city has a unique geography, with uneven reliefs, valleys, archipelagos, fjords, and the majestic white of the ice fields.

Parque Bahía Esperanza is 20 minutes away, crossing the Señoret channel by boat.

Do you know the hills and mountains in the area?

Moore Monument Range

Mountain range is located in front of the bay of Puerto Natales and Puerto Bories. Its name recalls a Commodore or Admiral of the British Royal Navy, who in 1830 recognized and explored the maritime area of Última Esperanza.

Whale Hill

Characteristic relief that rises in the sector of the Antonio Varas Peninsula, in front of Puerto Natales, on its western flank, in front of the Moore mountain range. Named by the popular voice precisely because of its peculiar shape similar to the silhouette of a large cetacean.

Mount Balmaceda

Glacier mountain located in the Magallanes Region, in the province of Última Esperanza, specifically in the southern part of the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, near the mouth of the Serrano River. The Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers cover its slopes.


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