About rates

There are no differentiated rates, however, children under 2 years of age do not pay admission.

About location, access and timetable

Car: by land you can get there from Punta Arenas or from any other point in the Chilean Patagonia.
You must arrive in the Chilean city of Puerto Natales. Once there, you should go to Natalis Pier at Puerto Bories, located 8 km from Puerto Natales city center (10-15 minutes by car), from where the boat leaves to take you to Estancia Bahía Esperanza.

Plane: there are daily frequencies from Europe, the United States, Australia or New Zealand to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile).
From Santiago you can fly to the Chilean cities of Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales, and from Buenos Aires, you can fly to the Argentine city of El Calafate or Río Gallegos.

Boat: Parque Bahía Esperanza is located 15 minutes from Puerto Bories located in the city of Puerto Natales. * You can only get there by boat from Parque Bahía Esperanza.

In Natalis Pier at Puerto Bories, located 8 km from downtown Puerto Natales.

Yes. You can take a taxi in Puerto Natales city center in order to get there.

No, the season to visit Parque Bahía Esperanza this season is from October 1st 2022, to April 31, 2023.

About services and experiences in the park

No, fishing is not allowed inside Estancia Bahía Esperanza.

From 12 years old.

*To take a ride you cannot exceed 100 kgs. 

About Parque Bahía Esperanza

Yes, El Caiquén cafeteria has sandwich and beverage offers.

The weather in Patagonia is unpredictable, so sometimes plans and logistics can change due to weather conditions.

Check what to bring here.

* Remember to dress warmly. We recommend dressing in layers.

No. It is forbidden to make fires inside the park due to the risk of fire and damage. Only the use of gas stoves is allowed. You cannot enter firewood, charcoal or any type of fuel.

No. One of the priorities of Estancia Bahía Esperanza is to take care of the ecological environment, as well as the wild flora and fauna; therefore, pets are not allowed.

At Estancia Bahía Esperanza we do not have garbage bins, so we ask you to please take your garbage with you.

There is internet coverage only in the entrance of the park.

We do not have WiFi (Only the accommodation house has Wi-fi).

No, you cannot camp in the park.

Parque Bahía Esperanza is a protected area. For this reason, the activities that are carried out here must create minimum impact. Any damage to the environment, such as destruction to trees, vegetation, hunting or damage to fauna, is punishable by law.

*Read LNT rules here.

In case of accidents and emergencies

No. Upon entering Parque Bahía Esperanza, a liability and risk awareness clause is signed.

Geographical and climatic conditions require that the person responsible for self-care is always oneself.

In case of accidents or emergencies, you must notify the staff and call +569 68 32 3225.