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Earth Day at Bahía Esperanza Park

As part of the commemoration of Earth Day, we invite you to visit a unique park in Chilean Patagonia.

Every April 22, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, a date that aims to raise awareness about the interdependent relationship we have with the environment. As proposed by the United Nations this date is an invitation to remember that the planet and its ecosystems give us life and sustenance.

In order to learn even more about the wonders that inhabit our Earth, the Bahía Esperanza Park, located in Chilean Patagonia in the Magallanes region, just 15 minutes from Puerto Natales, presents an unparalleled variety of flora, fauna and geography, and it is the perfect setting for rest, connection with nature and disconnection from routine.

Among the various activities that can be carried out, the park invites its visitors to explore it through its trails by hiking, horseback riding or e-biking (mountain biking). In them you can enjoy endless landscapes typical of Patagonia: millenary forests, Patagonian fjords, Peat bogs – wetlands that have the ability to regulate and contain large amounts of water-, and even magical views of the Paine Massif and the Patagonian Ice Fields.

Thanks to the rich culture and history of the place, in the park it is possible to relive what those who first arrived at Última Esperanza experienced. In honor of the pioneers, experienced navigators, the Última Esperanza Monument was born, represented by the prow of a wooden ship, around 40 meters long, which can be seen from Puerto Natales. The monument alludes to the explorers and the history of the area and in it visitors can feel the strong wind that received the pioneers and can admire the bays and fjords that characterize this area of ​​Chilean Patagonia, which gave it the name of Última Esperanza (Last Hope).

Bahía Esperanza Park is an excellent place to witness the flora and fauna of Patagonia, since it is strategically located in the transition area between the rainy climate of the Patagonian fjords and the dry climate of the continent. More than 40 species of birds inhabit it, such as black woodpeckers, black-necked swans, caiquenes, condors, eagles and more. Some of them live throughout the year in the place, while others arrive only during their migration process to other areas.

Earth Day is an occasion to remember that our planet is an incredible place to be explored, but that it also needs our help to thrive. “Learn in order to conserve”. And remember: every day is Earth Day.

We are waiting for you at Bahía Esperanza Park.


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